BSLS aims to be among the Top 10 Logistics Training Institutes nationwide offering integrated shipping, supply chain management and logistics training in a single comprehensive module. key differentiation factors being job oriented training with scheduled industry visits, internships and placement guidance to every student. The course director talks about her motive behind the initiative and discloses the long term vision and mission of BSLS.


Course Director speaks

What began as an occupation has today become my passion. This journey of two decades in the field of logistics has enriched my experience beyond my expectations. It has brought about a change in my whole being, and has encouraged me to look beyond my horizons.

As the Head of the India supply-chain team of the world’s largest logistics conglomerate, I cherished every moment of learning this industry offered me. This abounding passion is exciting me to, now share my life’s experience of logistics with you.

I invite you to join me in discovering the “WORLD OF OPPORTUNITIES” that is waiting out there for you.


Business School of Logistics & Shipping was started with an objective of giving back to the society, what I have learnt over these two decades in this industry. My objectives are to…,

  • Reach out to the student community to make them aware of the potentials of this industry that would give them an opportunity to discover a promising career.
  • Create a competitive talent pool to meet the ever-growing demands of this industry, which will contribute to the economic growth of the Indian logistics and shipping industry.
  • To be among the top 10 logistics training institutes in Chennai and India offering shipping and supply chain management curriculum wrapped in a single comprehensive module.


  • To become a nationally renowned academic institution in imparting shipping and logistics training, to mould an individual into a versatile logistics professional.


  • To share practical industry knowledge by providing industry visits, internships and a good atmosphere of learning that would help a student to acquire the skills,competencies and ethics needed to succeed in the logistics industry.
  • To enhance technical expertise of the students in the logistics and shipping work process and urge them to adopt best-practices that empowers them to have an “world of opportunities” for their career.