Logistics Can Make Your Life Better

It is a general perception that getting employed, after completing one’s education is a challenge. Also, to find employment in a growing sector that is ever in demand is, even more, difficult. Most parents along with their children seldom know that an Industry such as “Logistic” exists, that offers employment close to approximately 2.6 crore people and there is a shortage of skilled workforce of about 1.2 crore.

Logistics Industry in India is estimated around USD 215 billion, approximately 16 Lakh Crores in terms of Indian Rupees. Without the Logistics Industry’s support, no economy in the World could survive. It is the blood and the backbone of any Economy. This significance of the industry is overlooked and thereby is not registered in people’s mind as an industry that can be pursued for employment, primarily due to the fact that there is no awareness.

As stated above there is a shortage of skilled workforce in this Industry, as many youths wish to pursue careers in known areas to them and their parents. It is generally felt that this, an unknown territory is a danger, without being aware of the fact every individual basic needs right from the time they get out of the bed till the time they go back to sleep, – logistics industry is what has made their day and will make every day in their lives.

As you read my blog if you wonder what I am saying, get in touch with me and I will explain why I say so.

The Pandemic has had an impact on all of our lives, during March 2020 to Jan of 2022, however, we all survived, not only because of the Government Initiative & ample medical fraternity working round the clock, but also the support from the Logistics Industry, which worked 24 hours in getting all food, medicines, medical equipment’s and entire wherewithal the medical industry required.

It was during this period that most of the Government agencies and the General Public got the awareness that Logistics is very vital, but are the unsung heroes of our economy.

Post the Pandemic, Logistics has emerged as one of the top five employment-generating Service-Industry in India, followed by tourism and hospitality, construction, information technology, and telecom.

Since, the time of human civilization Logistics has always been there and will never get extinct unless mankind needs vanish.  

If you are at crossroads in making a career decision, then this is the right time to get started in the Logistics Industry – An Industry which will always be in demand. All you need to have is an open-mind approach to skill yourself in the required areas of your choice. Logistics Industry has a vast scope offering a wide spectrum of opportunities according to skills and area of work.

This industry doesn’t need rocket-science intelligence but mere common sense and a simple mindset to find a solution to customers’ requirements.  BSLS will help you set up your career in the Logistics Industry.

Being a Logistician is not just a career, but a Lifestyle.

Authored by John Prakash – john@bslsindia.com

Being a Logistician is not just a career, but a Lifestyle.