Women in Logistics

Being one amongst the 20% of women in logistics is easier now than ever and making the industry grow with more Women Power is the task we are addressing.

If the image of a male worker pops into your head when you hear logistics, here is how we can break the proverbial glass ceiling:

✅ Understand the opportunities within logistics for Women 

1. Inside Sales 

2. Field Sales 

3. Business Analyst

4. Customer Service 

5. Pricing 

6. Operations Role inside office 

7. Documentation

Organizations are looking for Women in Senior Management and Mid -Management levels!!  The opportunities are abundant and waiting for you …  

✅ Seek the help of other Women/allies 

 Explore the journey of women who have walked before you. Few Inspiring stories below 

✅ Network like there is no tomorrow 

  • Get involved with other organizations that seek to increase gender diversity in the    workplace.
  • Find a mentor who shares your values and goals for the future.
  • LinkedIn is a great platform to get to know and connect with Women Leaders in Logistics who are successful and created paths for others to walk through 

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Author – Jayashree. B 

Director – Business School of Logistics and Shipping 


Please do reach us at info@bslsindia.com and we will be glad to answer your queries!!