John Prakash

Academia: 1. MBA from Loyola Institute of Business Administration
2.Post Graduate Diploma in Maritime Law from Ambedkar University
Experience: 20 years of experience in in International Shipping and Logistics, 5 Years in Domestics Logistics and Distribution
Industry: Shipping and Logistics
Area of Expertise: Marketing & Sales

Jayashree Balachandran

Academia: BSc Zoology from Women’s College, Kerala University
Experience: 25 years
Industry: Logistics
Area of Expertise: Leadership, Logistics

Rajeev Ekkanath

Academia: Bachelor of Commerce from Calicut University
Experience: 37 years of experience in International Shipping, Logistics, Freight Forwarding, Custom
House Agency, Lead Assessor for Quality Management
Industry: Shipping and Logistics
Area of Expertise: Leadership, Custom brokerage, Shipping Agency, Stevedoring, Heavy lift/ODC
transportation and Industrial Projects Logistics

J K Raghu

Academia: BSc Mathematics Madras University
Experience: 27 years of experience in Freight Forwarding, Custom House Agency,
Industry: Shipping and Logistics
Area of Expertise: EXIM Custom Clearance, Sea Air Freight Forwarding

L Balaji

Academia: BSc Math
Experience: 23 years
Industry: Electronics, Auto, FMCG
Area of expertise: Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Shivaranjini Alagarraj

Academia: MBA in Supply Chain and Marketing Management from VIT University
Experience: 15 years
Industry: Supply Chain and Logistics
Area of expertise: Sales, Operations, Customer Relationship

S Pirama Nayagam

Experience: 35 Years
Industry: Aviation (Indian Airforce), IT, ITES, Analytic, Education, HR Services and Consulting
Area of Expertise: HR, OB, Strategic Management

Chitra Raghavan

Academia: MPhil in chemistry
Experience: 25 years in teaching and almost 8 years as business owner
Industry: Education, Pharma, Automobile, Leather- Instruments Supply, Calibration and Validation
Area of Expertise: Education, Logistics, Sales, Marketing, Management