Subhashree Krishnan

As an Outspoken young girl out of college from south of Tamil Nadu,she stepped into this Metro City with a job of a medical representative – a quiet unheard of a woman becoming a medical representative in early 90’s.But for her,geneder is merely a word.

As an inquisitive person with thirst for learning, she took up all the more challenginng job in shipping.Her first job was with Bengal Tiger line in 1996.Her Knowledge in shipping grew along with her ground level experience .She started developing a core love and passion for shipping and logistics.
with 28years of experience ,she posses fairly good knowledge in almost all facets of shipping ,supply chain and logistics.
Today she is a first generation enterpreneure owning her own logistics firm.

As a responsible individual,Subhashree has few trusts that share a helping hand in empowering physically challanged and blind individuals.